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The OMGentlemen's testosterone plays a big role in the developement of men's skin care. In the epidermis and dermis, testosterone is responsible for increasing the number of granular cells, collagen production and blood flow. With sebaceous glands, testosterone stimulates the production of sebum and toughens hair in the follicle. For any treatment or formula to be effective, it is important that it addresses the sebum hair and sensitivity factors, as well as the thicker epidermis and lower pH level.

The OMGentlemen is a man of distinctive self image. He carries himself like a leader and embodies the capability of influencing others through his dominate nature. Wellness and health are the key building blocks in his foundation of life. Maintaining a well groomed temple is his goal while embarking on lifes challenges of environmental factors, genetics and daily male skin care ailments.

The OMGentlemen works hard to achieve optimal results and that is exactly what this line does. It will take all man kind into a holistc path of success and accomplishment. Who wouldn't want their #1 man to be picture perfect and living a OMGenius lifestyle of naturopathic bliss.


The OMGentlemen not only has phenomenal presence but when lighting up a room it is a rare essence. Enjoy this Holistically Handsome skincare line.